Faculty Publications

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In Defense of Human Rights: A Non-Religious Grounding in a Pluralistic World (October 2008). Ari Kohen.

KohenInDefense"/ Routledge

Human Rights in International Relations. (2006). David P. Forsythe.

Forsythe_HR in IR.jpg Cambridge University Press; 2nd edition

Human Rights and Diversity: Area Studies Revisited. (2004). David P. Forsythe and Patrice C. McMahon, Editors.

Forsythe and McMahon_HR and Diversity.jpg

Available through the University of Nebraska Press.

The United States and Human Rights: Looking Inward and Outward. (2000). David P. Forsythe, Editor.

Forsythe_The UN and HR.jpg

Also available through the University of Nebraska Press.