Associate Professor of Practice Modern Languages & Literatures

Dr. Hana Waisserová is an associate professor of practice of Czech and Central European Studies and an affiliate of the Harris Centre for Judaic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dr. Waisserová received her Ph.D. in Anglophone transnational literature from Palacky University, Czech Republic, and a Gender Graduate Certificate from Texas A&M Univesrsity.

Dr. Waisserová’s research interests include Central and Eastern European women's transnational literature and cultural memory, women's totalitarian experience, women's Holocaust experience, women dissidents, antigenderism, literary ethnography, and Czech-American culture in Nebraska. Prior to working in academia, she traveled widely in Europe, Asia, and East Africa, where she worked as an outdoor guide and a publicist.

Selected Publications

Flanagan, Brenda and Hana Waisserova. Women's Artistic Dissent: Womanhood and Oppression in Pre-1989 Central Europe. (Lexington Books, an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc.; under review)

Waisserova, Hana. “What is (not) Buried with Anton Pucelik? Revisiting Willa Cather’s Prophecy of  Tenacity of Czech-American Culture in the Bohemian Alps, Nebraska.”  Great Plains Quarterly. vol. 42 no. 1, 2022, p. 91-126. Project MUSE

Waisserova, Hana. Book chapter “Humanistic Sustainability: Ecocriticism and Social Ecology in Czech Women’s Writing” in Modern Czech Literature Since 1948: The Junction of its Diverging Forces. (Vernon Press; Ed. Andrew Drozd; under review)

"Socialist Paradise, Sexual Paradise? Meditation on ‘Why Women have Better Sex Under Socialism’ by Kristen Ghodsee." European Studies Conference Selected Proceedings; Proceedings ISSN# 2476-0269 (2020). Online at

"Concerning a Manuscript from Czech Immigrant’s Trunk: Postil by Johannes Spangenberg (1557)." Kosmas. 2.2 (2019): 22-41. Print.

"Eda Kriseová and Her Prophecy of the Velvet Revolution: ‘The Gates Opened’ (1984)." Kosmas. Czechoslovak and Central European Journal. 2.2 (2019): 59-76. Print.