About HRHA

In the Forsythe Family Program on Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, we foster students' curiosity about human rights and their passion for justice by offering challenging courses with inspiring professors, by encouraging our students to engage in hands-on human rights work, and by engaging in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary human rights research. Our faculty and students hail from a range of disciplines, from journalism to economics, political science to public health, bringing with them the diverse perspectives and collaborative spirit needed to tackle the world's most pressing problems.

Through our undergraduate minor and graduate specialization, students will be challenged to understand the roots of today's most difficult human rights issues and given the critical thinking skills and inspiration to go out and solve them.


In keeping with the University of Nebraska's commitment to interdisciplinarity and internationalization in teaching, research, and service, the primary mission of the Forsythe Family Program on Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs is to examine issues related to human rights from an international and interdisciplinary perspective in the classroom and within our research projects, as well as to bring these discussions to the wider community.