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Our students and faculty hail from a range of disciplines and engage in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary human rights research. Our research projects seek to answer questions such as: "What are the effects of international trade on human rights in developing economies?" "How do migration patterns affect education, justice and other human rights values?" "When do international human rights laws improve human rights practices?" "How does human rights activism work?" and "How do race and gender intersect in the protection of human rights?"

By asking these big questions, our research advances the state of the art in our respective fields while also contributing to current debates about some of society's biggest challenges. 

To see a sampling of the research our faculty is doing, take a look at the Faculty Books and Publications page.  To propose new human rights research, colloquia and workshops at Nebraska, click on the Human Rights Programming page.  And, if you are an undergraduate student interested in getting involved with human rights research at Nebraska, check out our Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs Undergraduate Research Fellowship.  

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