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Human Rights Programming

The Forsythe Family Program on Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs is proud to sponsor a wide range of human rights programming through our annual Human Trafficking and Migration Initiative, our semi-annual UNL Human Rights Series and through co-sponsorship with a wide range of campus and community partners.   

UNL Human Trafficking and Migration Initiative

In Fall 2018, we presented our inaugural Human Trafficking and Migration Initiative, which aims to create spaces where Nebraska’s students, teachers and researchers can join the robust conversation about how to prevent and eradicate human trafficking, and protect the vulnerable. In Fall 2019, the Initiative focused on missing and murdered indigenous women and the #MMIW movement. In Fall 2020, we presented our first ever Virtual Human Trafficking and Migration Initiative, with a special focus on labor trafficking.

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Violence and Extremism Prevention Week

We've teamed up with the Global Studies program to curate a week of events focusing on preventing violence and extremism around the globe and in our own communities. This vital work is supported by an Ignition Grant from Together We Remember, a grassroots truth and reconciliation organization that tranforms rememberance of the past into a powerful movement for peace in the present.

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UNL Human Rights Series

In Fall 2017, we launched our new, semi-annual UNL Human Rights Series with a public lecture by visiting scholar Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso from Babcock University, Nigeria.  This series is designed to promote human rights research and education on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus and in our larger community through symposia, events and performances, among other activities.  We invite campus partners to propose innovative ideas for programming that highlight the interdisciplinary and cross-cutting nature of human rights and that draw students and faculty from across the university.  

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HRHA Co-Sponsorships

In addition to the UNL Human Rights Series, HRHA is pleased to be able to support human rights-related activities on campus in the form of co-sponsorships of workshops, symposia, public lectures and other events.  If you are a faculty member, affiliated department or RSO, you can apply for co-sponsorship.

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