We believe it's crucial that our students not only learn about human rights promotion in the classroom, at the library, or on their laptops, but that they experience human rights promotion firsthand, on the ground, for themselves. If you've committed to doing a minor with us, we're committed to doing everything possible to set you up to be a human rights changemaker. For these reasons, we're proud to present a curated slate of internship options specifically for our Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs undergraduate students: our signature Human Rights Changemaker Internships. We've collaborated with a plethora of organizations in Lincoln and beyond who are doing cutting-edge human rights work, and we are interested in having you on board.


These internships are open to any UNL undergraduate student who:

  • has declared a minor in Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs
  • enrolls in HRHA 495 during the semester they complete their internship


There are two kinds of Changemaker Internships: Curated Changemaker Internships, and Bespoke Changemaker Internships. Curated Changemaker Internships are opportunities created by HRHA faculty in collaboration with community organizations throughout Lincoln for specific academic semesters. They change every semester, and you can learn about current opportunities here. 

Bespoke Changemaker Internships are for students who have independently secured internships that fit the mission of the Changemaker Internship Program. Students who have secured the internship can use this form to apply for the Changemaker Internship Stipend. These applications are competitive, as funding is limited. 

Every internship is a semester long opportunity to do human rights work on the ground with an organization in Lincoln and beyond. You work with one of these organizations for approximately five hours a week, and get course credit for this work by enrolling in HRHA 495: Experiential Learning in Human Rights.

Since we believe strongly that human rights work should be open to all, if you complete a Human Rights Changemaker Internship, we'll provide you with a stipend that covers the entire cost of enrolling in the required HRHA 495 course.


For Curated Changemaker Internships, every semester, we'll have a slate of new internship opportunities available with organizations in Lincoln and beyond. This upcoming Fall 2023 semester, students have the opportunity to complete Changemaker Internships at Food Fort Lincoln and CareerLadder, a newly launching non-profit currently housed in the Asian Community and Cultural Center.

In past semesters, students have completed Changemaker Internships with the The Hub, the Tenant Assistance Project, the Asian Community and Cultural Center, Yazda, the PALETTE Project and I've Got a Name.

For Bespoke Changemaker Internships, since students secure these opportunities independently, the opportunities are truly endless. 


Every spring semester, fall semester, or eight-week summer term.


Dr. Julia Reilly
Assistant Professor of Practice in Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs and Global Studies

If you know you're interested in participating and want to get a jump on the application process for Summer 2024, follow our social media (@hrha_unl on Instagram and Twitter) and email Dr. Reilly for the latest updates.