Regina Werum
Professor Sociology

Dr. Regina Werum is a professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. r. Werum earned her Ph.D. in Sociology and in American Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington. Dr. Werum's areas of specialization include Political Sociology, Social Movements, Sociology of Education, and Social Stratification (race, gender, class). Most of her research is quantitative and frequently involves comparative-international and comparative-historical data. Dr. Werum is currently involved in several collaborative research projects, all of which also have involved graduate and undergraduate research assistants. 

Prior to joining the Sociology department, Dr. Werum served as UNL’s Associate Vice Chancellor for Research at the Office of Research and Economic Development. Before joining UNL, Dr. Werum served as a Program Director (Sociology) at the National Science Foundation.

She recently completed a term as the President of UNL’s Chapter of the American Association of University Professors/AAUP. Dr. Werum is also an active member of Rotary 14 (Lincoln’s downtown club), for which she currently leads the Rotary Youth Exchange/RYE program and previously led the club’s Dictionary Project (which serves thousands of local elementary school students each year). Professor Werum's research has appeared in top Sociology journals, such as Social Science Research, Social Forces, Social Stratification and MobilitySociology of Education, and the Annual Review of Sociology.  Professor Werum has also published in interdisciplinary and specialty journals such as ACM-SIGSPATIAL, Mobilization, Armed Forces & Society, Law and Policy, Journal of Family IssuesStudies in Comparative International Development, the American Journal of Education, and Social Science History


Immigration, gender, social movements, education 


Werum, Regina, Christina Steidl, Sela Harcey, and Jacob Absalon. 2020. “Military Service and STEM Employment:  Do Veterans have an Advantage?” Social Science Research

Renzulli, Linda, Regina Werum, and Anne Kronberg. 2020. “The Rise of Homeschooling Regulation in the Era of School Choice, 1972-2009.” Sociological Forum 35:2:297-322.

Scheuerman, Heather L., Alison Faupel, Christie Parris, and Regina Werum. 2020. “What Do Social Movements Have to Do with It?  Reporting Anti-Gay Hate Crime in the United States.”  Law and Policy 42:1:31-55.

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